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Skellefteå AIK Friidrott

Broarna Runt 2024
2024-03-19 10:07

Broarna Runt is a sure sign of spring in Skellefteå!

2024 will be the 59th year for Broarna Runt.

The track is 5 km long and stretches around the bridges in Skellefteå.
This is how it works:
* You come to the area for start and finish and find the tables for start notes. There are three possibilities:
1) You pay the start fee with swish (50 :-) and get your start card.
2) You have prepaid your starts and tick off that list and get your start card.
3) Fitt company / organization has a list where you write your name (and any other information the company wants) and get your start card ..
* You fill in the name, gender and year of birth (to determine class) on the start card.
* If you have a start card for your own (no timekeeping), you leave the card at the finish line. 
* Get ready to start at your start time.
* Run!
* At the finish line, your time is taken when you cross the finish line. Volunteers help keep track of the runners after the finish. It is important that the order does not change because then you get the wrong time.
The time at the finish line is called by the speaker for most people. If there are many at the same time, the announced time will be approximate.
* You leave the start card to the volunteer. If you have, against all odds, lost your starting card, you can get a new one at the finish line, but then you have to fill in the information again.
* Then comes the fun - take fluids, talk to friends and thank for the traction help! Complain about the headwind and the preparations! Feel the satisfaction of having done your best!

About Skellefteå AIK Athletics
2024-02-13 13:28


Hello and welcome to Skellefteå AIK Athletics!


Contact us

The associations office is in the new Florahallen with address Torsgatan 30, 931 39 Skellefteå.

Telephone office: 0760-05 35 79 11 from 08:00-16:00 or 076-022 59 73 from 10:00-16:00


Chairman:                            Rolf Tedestedt        +4670-567 44 21

Association developer:     Josefine Lohman    +4676- 022 28 11 (reachable between 08:00 and 16:00)

Association developer:     Emelie Engström    +46760-05 35 79 (reachable between 08:00 and 16:00)

Head coach and GM:        Niklas Wiklund        +4676-022 59 73 (reachable between 10:00 and 16:00)


... or at 



The business started in 1921 as a section in Skellefteå AIK. Since 1987, Skellefteå AIK Athletics has been an independent association.

The associations statutes state that sports must develop the individual positively in physical, psychological and social terms. It is concretized in that the association has clearly stated that the activities must be conducted based on core values ​​such as community and equality and that childrens and youth activities, elite sports and activities for exercise and wellness must be conducted safely and securely and that bullying, violations and abuse must be actively countered. The association distances itself from all forms of doping and carries out regular "vaccination" against doping.



Our overall vision is that athletics should give everyone the opportunity for safe and positive leisure time, community, challenges and that training and competition should be carried out with enthusiasm and joy.


Our sporting vision is to belong to the 20 most successful athletics clubs in Sweden.

Our competition vision is, among other things, to hold the IJSM in the new athletics hall in 2022.


We must run an equal and safe operation for children, young people, elite actives and exercisers. We want to offer everyone in the athletics family meaningful activities. The association must be free from doping and drugs. We follow the Convention on the Rights of the Child, which from 2020 is Swedish law, read more here. From 2019, we obtain register extracts of all leaders and coaches who have contact with children and young people.

Skellefteå AIK Athletics opposes all forms of bullying, harassment, abuse and sexual harassment. We use the athletics associations folder Safe Athletics Environments as a guideline in our work. For those of you who wish to read the folder, you can do so HERE (swedish). We also have our own action plan against bullying which you can read HERE (swedish).


The association must have a balanced economy and operations are conducted based on sustainability with mainly non-profit forces.


The association has around 750 active members, a majority of whom are girls and women.

Start in our club?
2024-02-13 13:27

Athletics school for children

Skellefteå AIK Athletics arranges athletics school for children born between 2010-2016. We also have an athletics school for children born in 2016. It focuses on play and movement. HERE you will find where you can register your child and HERE you will find the training times. 



Born 2010-2015 - SEK 900 / term 

Born 2016 - SEK 500


Training/competition group

We have training/competition groups for children born 05-07 and 07-09. If you are interested in any of these groups, contact Emelie at



Term fee - SEK 1200 / term

+ Member fee - SEK 300 / year


Long-distance group

We also have a long-distance group that has exercise-level running training with certified running leaders. The organized training takes place three to four days a week. Register HERE.



Term fee - SEK 500 / term

+ Member fee - SEK 300 / year



To become a member and be able to compete for the club, register HERE.



Youth up to 18 years - SEK 100 / year
Adults over 18 - SEK 300 / year


For questions and concerns, contact us at 

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