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Skellefteå AIK Friidrott

Broarna Runt 2024
2024-03-19 10:07

Broarna Runt is a sure sign of spring in Skellefteå!

2024 will be the 59th year for Broarna Runt.

The track is 5 km long and stretches around the bridges in Skellefteå.
This is how it works:
* You come to the area for start and finish and find the tables for start notes. There are three possibilities:
1) You pay the start fee with swish (50 :-) and get your start card.
2) You have prepaid your starts and tick off that list and get your start card.
3) Fitt company / organization has a list where you write your name (and any other information the company wants) and get your start card ..
* You fill in the name, gender and year of birth (to determine class) on the start card.
* If you have a start card for your own (no timekeeping), you leave the card at the finish line. 
* Get ready to start at your start time.
* Run!
* At the finish line, your time is taken when you cross the finish line. Volunteers help keep track of the runners after the finish. It is important that the order does not change because then you get the wrong time.
The time at the finish line is called by the speaker for most people. If there are many at the same time, the announced time will be approximate.
* You leave the start card to the volunteer. If you have, against all odds, lost your starting card, you can get a new one at the finish line, but then you have to fill in the information again.
* Then comes the fun - take fluids, talk to friends and thank for the traction help! Complain about the headwind and the preparations! Feel the satisfaction of having done your best!

Broarna Runt 20242024-03-19 10:07
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